Green Schools

The school is currently working towards the Biodiversity Flag. Biodiversity is the fifth Green-Schools theme and looks at steps which can be taken to increase awareness of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats, and to increase species-richness in a locality. Every year our Green schools committee is responsible for making sure that all classes and teachers continue to do their best to keep our school as green and clean as possible. Our motto is, “Plants and animals need to survive. That’s why biodiversity keeps them alive.”

We have carried out a number of activities, including,

  • Going on a nature trail in Ballyseedy Woods
  • Keeping a bird diary
  • Making a bug hotel
  • Making elderberry cordial
  • Buying a bird bath
  • Starting a wildflower garden
  • Creating a habitat map of the grounds

Alongside this, we have continued to take part in Walk/ Cycle to school Days and to switch off electric devices, as appropriate and participate in clean-up days.