Digital School of Distinction

Ballyfinane National School sees Digital Learning as enabling children and teachers to engage with the curriculum in a deep. Child-centred and creative way, helping children expand their learning and helping to differentiate learning activities to suit the needs of the children and classes in Ballyfinane N.S.

Ballyfinane N.S. as part of their School Self-Evaluation aims for constant self-improvement while communicating, regularly updating and celebrating the brilliant work that happens every day in the school.

Home school links are strong in the school and we wish to keep communication as open as possible with the aid of Digital Technologies.

Ballyfinane National School is currently working towards our Digital School of Distinction award. We are very fortunate to have iPads, Laptops, printers and whiteboards in every classroom. ICT is used in every lesson with particular focus in

  • Station teaching
  • Literacy lessons
  • E. Lessons
  • Maths Stations
  • Typing
  • Photo Story
  • Project work
  • Numeracy
  • Gaeilge
  • To support S.E.N. classes

Internet Safety

Ballyfinane N.S.. participates in Safer Internet Day every year. Wristbands and badges are given to all pupils and lessons on internet safety are taught throughout the school.

An Information Talk on Internet Safety is given to pupils each year. Parents are also encouraged to attend an Information Workshop on Internet Safety that the school holds yearly.

All pupils participate in a variety of Safer Internet lessons as part of the SPHE programme. Pupils and parents are made aware of appropriate use of internet at home and at school and we have our own iPad School Pledge.

Student Pledge for iPad Use

  1. I will take good care of any iPad I use.
  2. I will never leave any iPad I use unattended.
  3. I will know where the iPad is at all times during my usage of it.
  4. I will keep food and drinks away from the iPad since they may cause damage to the device.
  5. I will protect the iPad by only carrying it whilst it is in a case.
  6. I will use the iPad in ways that are appropriate.
  7. I understand that the iPads are subject to inspection at any time without notice.
  8. I will use the camera when I have permission.
  9. I will only use the camera or the microphone when my teacher tells me to.
  10. I will never share any images or movies of people in a public space on the Internet.
  11. I will not hide any iPad so others cannot use it.
  12. I agree to abide by the statements of this iPad acceptable use policy


We would like to bring the following Internet Safety websites to your attention:

Internet Safety for Schools Ireland -

Office for Internet safety - provides resources, explanations of technology, publications and tips

Web wise - provides parents, teachers and children with educational resources, advise and information about potential dangers on-line

Watch Your Space - Provides advice on managing children's profiles on social-networking sites

Texting acronyms - provides an explanation of net lingo www.

Advice on mobile phones and texting - www.ThatsNot