Pupil’s Stories

Dingle Food Fest

Dingle Food Fest is a very popular food festival in Dingle with lots of varied foods. Lots of people come to eat and make money. My all-time favourite food there is the spicy chicken wings. My least favourite food there is the spicy veg salad. When we go to the festival my Mom and Dad have to pull us away from the food! I have tried lots of stuff there including slugs. They are called escargots and they tasted like chicken. There is a playground next to the festival where you can get face paints and play games to earn toys. There is also a raffle where you win food. I love the Dingle Food Festival!

Cork v Kerry Ladies Football Match

In Tralee, my Mom and I went to the football match to watch my sister play. The weather wasn’t that good, it was dull with a bit of sunshine but the game went ahead. The excitement was building but then the opposition got a point. We were playing badly but then we got a point and then they got a point again and it went like this for a long time. Then it was half-time. There was half an hour left in game and we nearly got a point but someone kicked a player on my sisters’ team and the referee wouldn’t give our team a free. For the last five minutes of the game we got a goal. When they brought my sister on she got a point but that wasn’t enough for us to take the lead. Then the referee blew the final whistle and the scores were Cork 0-17 and Kerry 1-10.  It was a close enough game and afterwards we went home.

Puck fair

Puck Fair is on in Killorglin, Co. Kerry on the 10th 11th and 12th of August. Puck fair was set up to celebrate the pucks saving Killorglin. What happened was an army was going to take over Killorglin and they hid in the mountains with the pucks. A few days before the army attacked the pucks came down from the mountains to warn the people of Killorglin. When the day came all the people of Killorglin were ready for the attack and Killorglin wasn’t taken over. When I go to Puck Fair I have five rides each day then I go home. My favourite rides are the Bumper Cars, the Waltzer’s, Crazy Frog and Roll-A-Ball. It’s a game where you have a ball and you roll it into holes. The white holes mean walk, the black holes are trot and the red holes are run. You have to get your horse to the end first to win. Lots of times I meet my friends Tomás and Dylan. On the last day I get something from the stalls and if we’re lucky we might get some ice-cream or candy floss.

Puck Fair

Puck Fair was founded over 400 years ago and it is held on August the 10th, 11th and 12th every year in Killorglin. They have a big stand on the way up to the top of the town. There is a goat put up on the top of this stand. There is a crown put on his head and he is called the King of Puck Fair. There is also a Queen of Puck. There is a Horse Fair on the first day of the festival and a Cattle Fair on the second day. Outside Killorglin there is a statue of a goat. It attracts lots of crowds. There are lots of stalls going up and down the town. There are candy floss and ice-cream vans. There are also lots of rides like the Bumper Cars, the Big Swing and the Crazy Frog. I am already saving my money for it so I hope I get to go.

Puck Fair

Puck Fair is a festival that is on in Killorglin in County Kerry.  Puck Fair is one of Ireland’s oldest festivals. There is a goat put up in a high stand at the top of the town. Puck Fair happens every year on the 10th 11th and 12th of August. I go to the rides at Puck and I look at the stalls and on the last day I am allowed to buy something. Every time I go to the festival I meet someone I know. Every year I go I meet Dylan and sometimes I meet Tomás. I really enjoy Puck fair and I look forward to it every year.

Rally of the Lakes

The Rally of the Lakes is an on road rallying event held in Killarney.  It takes place each year on May bank holiday weekend. The rally has been running since 1979 and in 2008 it formed the third round of the 2008 Global Group Irish Tarmac Rally Championship. Since 2011 it has been sponsored by the vehicle check company, Cartell. This is the fortieth year of the rally. The 2019 Rally Ambassador is Michael Fassbender. This year’s rally took place from the 3rd of May to the 5th of May. Craig Breen and Paul Nagle were this year’s winners. The event is hosted by Killarney and District Motor Club.

Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee is hosted every year in the town of Tralee. The Rose of Tralee is a contest where different women represent a city, county or country. Daithaí O’Shea hosts the contest every year. The Rose contest can only have 65 contestants or less. You can watch the contest on the TV on both nights but it goes on until 11 o’clock at night.  There are not just Roses in the contest, there are also Rose Buds, who are all little girls. They are paired up with a Rose and go around with them and they also go to one of the TV nights to see their Rose. My cousin was a Rose Bud and she got paired up with the Texas Rose in 2012. Luckily that year her Rose won the Rose of Tralee. Also Birds Funfair comes every year to the festival and there are Waltzer’s, Bumper Cars, Crazy Frogs and a huge Ferris Wheel that always has a big line. Back to the Rose Buds the age limit is 12 years old. Then of course there is a parade and all of the Roses share a float. Also each Rose gets an escort and the escort helps their Rose with everything. They also get notepads for the children so the Roses can give their autograph. The parade goes through the town of Tralee. On the last night Daithaí O’Shea reveals the winner of the Rose of Tralee and present her with a crown and other prizes.

Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee is a festival that’s situated in Tralee county Kerry. The competition is to decide the best Rose. What happens is there are 65 Roses or lower and most towns decide their Rose. All the Roses tell a bit about themselves and there are three judges who decides who wins. The competition is broadcasted live all over Ireland. After the competition ends people eat, drink and watch the fireworks and for the next two weeks there is a bazaar on in the town.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is to celebrate when Saint Patrick came to Ireland and got rid of all the snakes.  Ireland puts on a parade all over the country to celebrate it.  It falls on the 17th of March every year. You can go to the parade or watch it on the TV and everybody wears the colour green to celebrate. Saint Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and was kept as a slave for a few days. On Saint Patrick’s Day people preform in different acts in the parade.

My Saint Patrick’s Day – 17th March 2019

St. Patricks Day is special as it is the day to celebrate our Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. I was at the Milltown parade with my friends, Conor, Dylan and Shane and also some people from football. At first it was annoying because the little children had small trumpets and were blowing them right in our ears. We got our face painted with the Ireland flag on it and got free flags that we were supposed to give back but I kept Cloadgh’s, Conor’s and Shane’s little sister’s flags. We started at The Mart and when we were passing a gate we all bent underneath it. I told Cloadagh to duck but she still hit it and we ended up being way behind. We had to sprint to catch up but Dylan was too busy talking to his friends so he didn’t even notice. There were some dancers behind us and I saw one of them fall flat on their face. Then when the parade ended we had to go looking for our parents. We looked in Spar, Top Shop, Alma’s and in The Mart. We saw them across the road and went over to them. Then we watched the puppet show and got some sweets and that was the end of my Saint Patrick’s Day.

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