Pupil’s Stories

  1. Nairobi is one of the few cities in the world with a national park.
  2. A silhouette of the city forms a scenic backdrop of the savannah parks.
  3. Nairobi Railway Museum, Karen Blixen Museum, the Nairobi Gallery and the Kenya Archives.
  4. Nairobi has the most Maasai markets in the country
  5. Nairobi has the most number of malls in Kenya.
  6. Nairobi is the headquarters of diplomatic missions and multinational brands in Africa.

My trip through Africa

It was January 6th 1937 and today I’m going to be traveling to Nigeria from Tralee to join the war. It will take around four day’s 6’000 km to arrive in the capital of Nigeria Abuja. I stared my trip at nine o’clock in the morning and said my farewell to my family. I brought a bag of food with me there were sandwiches, water; some biscuits had to take a boat to Spain and then from there I had to drive the rest of the way to Nigeria and it was going to be a long drive. I knew I had to get another boat to get in to Africa so I get the boat at 9 o’clock the some night of my departure in Tralee the boat ride took 1hour and a half I slept for the entire ride.

When I got in the Morocco I was stopped by the border officers and they asked for my identification and why I was here so I told him I was here to join the army and then he let me go. And when I past the officer I drove for another hour  the roads were dirt track and narrow but eventually I found a place to park for the night and stop to sleep until the morning I was a little scared to stop in the middle of no were so I kept the windows closed. It was about eighth in the morning and I heard this noise it sounded like a big drum being banged but then I looked up and I saw a herd of four elephants coming towards me and I thought they were going to charge at me but they were only coming this way because there were trees over here it was amazing they were quiet friendly was very close o them so I took out my camera and took some photos but now I have to go, I have to try to get to Algeria today.

The ride to Algeria was very strange there were very little people in the rural areas but there were load of people in the towns it was very hard to drive through the people it would take my at least half an hour but when I got out of the towns I was not disturbed by any one excepted the odd herd of elephants when I got into Algeria they did the same thing as when I got into Morocco, it was three o’clock in the afternoon and I was half way through Algeria so I deiced to stop and have my lunch and watch the wildlife past me by there were elephants, rhinos, giraffes and a pack of meerkats the baby meerkats were playing in the sun. Once I finished my lunch I was on the road again, it was around 9 o’clock when I got into Niger and I was stopped once again and asked me a few questions and let me go. I drove for a few more hours until I got to Niamey the capital of Niger and stopped off for the night tomorrow was the final leg of my journey it was going to take around 15 hours to get to Abuja. So I got some sleep for the night and hoped the next day would pass by quickly. I woke up at around half seven in the morning and I stared up the car and was ready for a 15 hour drive to Abuja, I got into the Nigerian border it was 11 am and I was ask some more questions and was let in I told them I was going to join the army and I was going to Abuja to enroll there. There was only another 5 hours until I get to Abuja it was quite exciting it was now 1 o’clock in the afternoon and I stopped at the side of the road to have my lunch I ate it quit fast so I could get back on the road I was only half an hour away from my destination, I stared to get a little nervous. When I entered Abuja all I could see is people I couldn’t get through with my car so I parked it and walked to the enrolling table and waited in line until it was my turn to enroll I waited around 20 minutes and then I filled out the form and it was done I had been enrolled in the army. I asked what can I do with my car and they said they would store it in a garage, as soon as I was enrolled I was called to the army.

Lan O’Connor

  1. Nairobi is popularly known as green city in the sun
  2. You call someone from Nairobi Kyrgyz Kyrgyzstani or Kirghizia
  3. It’s located in Kenya Africa
  4. Nairobi’s vibrancy makes it the most amazing city in the world
  5. The population of Nairobi’s is 4.397 million
  6. Nairobi has the most malls in Kenya

My drive through Africa

Have been sent out to try and find the mythical Arora flower for our leader, John Sin Bin, he is a very nice man and he has been stung by a vicious bug that can only be cured by an Arora flower found deep in the deadliest jungle.  They have sent me out because I am the most experienced explorer and I am the only one who has been here before.  I vividly remember being chased by a wild man beast who protects the flower in an old temple.

He (the man beast) was yelling like mad, when I came near the temple.  It was all too much for me so I ran away.  So as you can imagine I was not looking forward too it but I’m still going to go as he needs its soon to keep him live, so I am still going just to save him.

I only brought essentials like food water and a blanket.  I’m on my way as I went off I got lots of thanks and good wishes.  As I set off it didn’t take me too long to find to the old temple.  I had the flower in my hand, then the beast smelt  me and then I just ran as fast as I could.  But as the beast was running he fell and then I saw why he was always yelling.  He had a rock in his neck and the reason he was chasing me was because he needed help.  So I helped him get it out of his neck.  I knew I coudn’t get the flower to john by walking and that’s when I discovered that the man beast protected the flower because it made him fly.  So he flew me to John and I gave him the flower and the man beast got a place at the agency, we still call him the man beast even to this day.

By Tomás

My Trip Through Africa

It all started on a very hot morning. I got into my jeep and drove into the jungle. I was gone around an hour when I found a short line of banana trees. I got out and started picking the ripe bananas. They were delicious, the best I had ever tasted. One important part was to find as much food as I could because there was not too many rations for the very long trip. I slept well with a full stomach.

The next day I woke to the most wonderful sound. I got up and looked around. I saw a flock of big brightly coloured birds up in a tree. I started up the car and went deeper and deeper into the jungle. The road got more and more overgrown the deeper I went. The fruit was the best ever. The amount of exotic fruit is unbelievable. All I  can say is that it is in a league of its own.

I did see a few monkeys, one cheeky one came up and took one of my bananas but most of the time they just screeched at me. That night I did not sleep straight away because I could hear the jungle better I decided to stretch my legs as the car was not very comfortable I got out and turned on my flash light, my heart skipped a beat looking straight back at me was a leopard I ran back into the car and locked it. I looked into the darkness and saw the leopard prowling around the car trying to find a way in. After a tense hour I fell asleep. I woke up and finished  my journey.


The day I met a witch was the weirdest day of my life. I was in Tralee with my sister Anna when I saw an odd looking woman walking toward us she was wearing dark clothes stooped over holding a cane. She also was holding a black cat that look like it would jump on top of you if it could and rip you to pieces it also looked like it was looking into your soul with its blood red eyes. I told my sister as we passed but she only got a glimpse of her and we just forgot about it until we saw her again with her vicious cat of hers.

It was when we were in a café, and we saw her again. We then were trying to get a better look of her and she had a pointy noise with a wart on it. The minute we saw the wart we looked at each other we knew she was a witch so it was our mission to find if it was true, so we followed her to a shop and then she turned. We both said ‘Hi’ and then she replied by saying ‘Hi’ she said she was a ‘‘friendly’’ witch that what she said but we didn’t believe her and we were glad we didn’t believe her because she tried to kill me and tried to put me in her cauldron and eat me but my sister came blasting through the door BOOM!!!! Putting it off its hinges and saved me just in time when we’re going home we didn’t know what happened to us well I certainly didn’t.

I was walking home from school. I got to the bridge. I can see a weird lady at the bridge. I walked along. I can see she had black hair. She wore a black dress and white gloves and lots of makeup. She said her name was Bessie and she was 29 but I think she is 83. She looked old and her hair and skin were old.

I saw the lady in town another day. She went into Penny’s.  I saw her getting 25 pairs of white gloves. She also gets 20 rotten apples. I am sure she is a witch as she behaves strangely, has black hair and is very, very unusual. That is the day I met a witch.


By Ciara  

The day I met a witch I saw the fire in her eyes. She was a old lady with a black bonnet and she had blue spit to write. She didn’t  smell that nice. She had really big finger nail like a cat too. She was square footed. It didn’t look that nice. She looked quiet mischievous. You don’t know what could happen around a witch. You could get turned in to something.

Then I saw her coming closer to me I was going to run away I thought in my head. Then she when with no slight she disappeared it was quiet a scares day . She was a witch for sure. I have never every saw witch quiet like that one.


By Shane

Hi I’m Shaiden. I’m writing this in Heaven so if my writing is heavenly, that’s the reason why. Okay here’s my story. One day me and my friend Cormac saw a lady with a bent over back, a long nose covered in warts, a fiery look in eyes, hobbling around with a polished walking stick and an evil looking black cat at her side. I knew. No it couldn’t be I thought they killed off in America back in the day.

Next thing I knew I was in a strange dimly lit room. My arms were shackled to a table OMG, she’s right in front of me the witch. I asked her where Cormac was. She said she him on, on what do you mean you put him on. I mean I put him on for supper. Let me go I shouted angrily. I won’t be needing to do that any time soon. THEN!!!!!!! I, saw it ! Cormac’s head bobbing up and down  in a soup pot and straight away , I knew I was next. She unshackled me with a shake of her wand and after she pivoted her wand ever so slightly and with no control. I went straight over to the pot and hopped in the water was boiling hot about 10 seconds all went black……………


By Shaiden Lyne

The day I met a witch was when I went out for my walk. I was collecting berries from a bush. All of a sudden I saw a black figure in the distance so I went over to see who it was. It was a woman with black hair, green eyes, warts and a whole lot more where that came from, she had a cauldron beside her stirring a green liquid. Then I knew it was a witch because there was a warning that witches were around.

Then I went back home and told all of my family about what I saw, but none believed me only my brother Jack. He said we will go and find the witch and kill her, one day later we woke up and got everything for catching the witch. Then we went out in the woods again and saw that ugly witch then Jack, pulled out our secret weapon plan so we got everything and then we struck.

But then the witch left so instead of the plan we just went in, there was potions there and then we saw people trapped so we got our knife out and set them free but none would go out. That’s because they said there was laser’s so Jack programmed it to go off, so they did but then something worse happened. The alarm went off so we had to hide but then the witch came, and put each one of us into a cauldron… What do you think happened us?

By Seoladh

I was shopping with my Mum and as we were walking home I saw an old lady standing by an oak tree cackling. As I wondered closer to see what she was doing? When I got up closer I noticed she was staring at me with an evil grin. She then smiled and said do you want to see some magic?

I nodded my head and turned to call my Mum but she was nowhere to be seen. As I turned my back I realised the witch was my Mum and purple sparks were coming from Her wand . Her cat upped and hissed. An owl screeched overhead and I knew I was in trouble.

The day I met a witch it was the 31st of October [Halloween] and it was also very dark. Myself and my family went trick or treating that night. After about an hour of trick or treating it started to get even darker and our bags were also nearly full. Our Mom and Dad told us we had to go home but we didn’t want to go back home so we asked if we could go to one more house. The only house left in our neighbourhood was old and creepy we went up to the door and rang the doorbell. An old woman stepped outside she had some shabby garments on and had a walking stick. She offered us to come in we said no because we needed to get home.

But she said she never got visitors so we went in. She shut the door and offered us some tea the tea looked wrong I warned my family just in time she was mad at me she told us all that she was a witch. We all ran for the door but she stopped us I threw a chair at her and we escaped.

We went back home and went to count our sweets. That’s what happened the day I met a witch, she broke her leg.



By Conor

The day I will meet a witch I will get a dreadful fright

I’ll know by the hat

I’ll know by the broom.

The day I will meet her

I’ll know by the hair on her head and by her nails

I’d also know by her house.

I’ll know by the magic potions

The day I’ll meet a witch I’ll know by her ears.

The day I’ll meet a witch I’ll know by the nose.

I’ll know by the cat.

And that’s how you will know the day you will meet a witch.

Last year I met a witch. She was wearing black clothes and black boots with a big cloak. Her gloves were very big I thought she had fake nails. She had a little black kitten and a broom.

She was eating some pizza and chips and drinking tea. She got up and then I looked up and she was wearing a tip point hat. She had long black hair it looked like a wig.

She peered at me very weirdly and then she walked away I was sure she was a witch. The day I met a witch I will for ever remember for ever.

The Day I Met a Witch

I told my Mom and Dad that I was going out to my puppy Rex for a while. I always go out to Rex to feed him his supper. Rex is a brown and white cross between a Jack Russell and a Pomarian. He was barking at the field next to my house. I went out fed him and decided to look in the field. I saw a woman in a white dress. She called out to me that she was lost. Rex and I ran over to see what was going on.

When we got over there I noticed that Rex was trying to bite her hair and clothes off. I apologised for his behaviour and picked him up. It started to rain. The nice looking woman asked me where she was. I told her she was in Ballyfinane and if she walked one kilometre to the west then she would be at a cross. If she went straight she would go to Castlemaine, right would lead her to Tralee and left to Killarney. She went quiet and still. Rex went over to the lady jumped on her foot, crawled up her clothes and bit off her wig.

I ran and did not stop I had heard stories about witches but I had never believed in them. I risked a glimpse behind my back luckily me and Rex were used to running in the mud and were much faster than the witch. But she started chanting strange words. Rex jumped out at last second bit the witch and sent her running for the hills. It was the most shocking day of my life.

By Ross

Last year I went trick or treating with my older sister Leah and my friend Katie. We had just started at the Top Shop in Milltown and we were going to make our way down to all of the estates. The very first door that we knocked on made us all feel a bit strange. We keep thinking that someone was behind us but there was no one there. We carried on knocking from one house to another, on the last house of the estate Leah found her friends she said bye, Katie and I didn’t have that much time to say bye, before she had gone. The last door that we were knocking on just randomly opened and there was no one there. I tried stopping Katie but knowing her she just walked straight in there before I knew it I was in there as well.

I didn’t have much time when she had put me in. We followed arrows that were on the floor. It leaded into green smoke then it cleared away and then we saw what we didn’t want to see, we saw someone standing there in the green smoke with a long wonky nose and a big long bonnet and a tall pointy hat.

Then Katie walked straight over to something that was like a big pot. She said Aoife come here this big pot is full of sweets .I said to Katie it’s a witch let’s get the hell out of here. We started to run as fast as we could. When we got out we saw Leah getting into her friend’s car. Katie and I went as fast as we could to get into the car. Katie and me got in the car at last and went home, I think that was enough trick or treating for one night. I will always remember that night.

Caution. This story you are about to read is very scary. So if you are brave, read on. But if you are easily scared, close this book and never touch it again. We won’t keep you waiting any longer to read the story…

It was a dark and scary night *oooohhhhhh*. The wind was howling. The full moon was out. The wolves were also howling. I was trying to see the positives of such a gloomy night but none seemed to come to my head. I walked outside when I heard the mail-man come but when I came out I saw him quickly drive off. All that was left was a weird looking gnome thing with a green face flying around my palace. “How cute!” I shouted. “Cute!?!?!?” He shouted back at me sounding angry and confused “I didn’t know you could talk too!” I shouted up to him. “CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!” he shouted angrier than before. It was only when it cackled that I realized the green gnome thing was a witch. When it cackled thunder struck from the sky. I went inside to get my broom and wand. “I’m not going to let a weenie like her get in the way of my city!” I get up on my broom and zap her with my wand knocking her off her broom. “Your banished!” I shout at her and she scurries off to where she came from. “Why does nothing unusual ever happen to me?” I wonder. This was the most uneventful day of my life.

By Ruairí

Dingle Food Fest

Dingle Food Fest is a very popular food festival in Dingle with lots of varied foods. Lots of people come to eat and make money. My all-time favourite food there is the spicy chicken wings. My least favourite food there is the spicy veg salad. When we go to the festival my Mom and Dad have to pull us away from the food! I have tried lots of stuff there including slugs. They are called escargots and they tasted like chicken. There is a playground next to the festival where you can get face paints and play games to earn toys. There is also a raffle where you win food. I love the Dingle Food Festival!

Cork v Kerry Ladies Football Match

In Tralee, my Mom and I went to the football match to watch my sister play. The weather wasn’t that good, it was dull with a bit of sunshine but the game went ahead. The excitement was building but then the opposition got a point. We were playing badly but then we got a point and then they got a point again and it went like this for a long time. Then it was half-time. There was half an hour left in game and we nearly got a point but someone kicked a player on my sisters’ team and the referee wouldn’t give our team a free. For the last five minutes of the game we got a goal. When they brought my sister on she got a point but that wasn’t enough for us to take the lead. Then the referee blew the final whistle and the scores were Cork 0-17 and Kerry 1-10.  It was a close enough game and afterwards we went home.

Puck fair

Puck Fair is on in Killorglin, Co. Kerry on the 10th 11th and 12th of August. Puck fair was set up to celebrate the pucks saving Killorglin. What happened was an army was going to take over Killorglin and they hid in the mountains with the pucks. A few days before the army attacked the pucks came down from the mountains to warn the people of Killorglin. When the day came all the people of Killorglin were ready for the attack and Killorglin wasn’t taken over. When I go to Puck Fair I have five rides each day then I go home. My favourite rides are the Bumper Cars, the Waltzer’s, Crazy Frog and Roll-A-Ball. It’s a game where you have a ball and you roll it into holes. The white holes mean walk, the black holes are trot and the red holes are run. You have to get your horse to the end first to win. Lots of times I meet my friends Tomás and Dylan. On the last day I get something from the stalls and if we’re lucky we might get some ice-cream or candy floss.

Puck Fair

Puck Fair was founded over 400 years ago and it is held on August the 10th, 11th and 12th every year in Killorglin. They have a big stand on the way up to the top of the town. There is a goat put up on the top of this stand. There is a crown put on his head and he is called the King of Puck Fair. There is also a Queen of Puck. There is a Horse Fair on the first day of the festival and a Cattle Fair on the second day. Outside Killorglin there is a statue of a goat. It attracts lots of crowds. There are lots of stalls going up and down the town. There are candy floss and ice-cream vans. There are also lots of rides like the Bumper Cars, the Big Swing and the Crazy Frog. I am already saving my money for it so I hope I get to go.

Puck Fair

Puck Fair is a festival that is on in Killorglin in County Kerry.  Puck Fair is one of Ireland’s oldest festivals. There is a goat put up in a high stand at the top of the town. Puck Fair happens every year on the 10th 11th and 12th of August. I go to the rides at Puck and I look at the stalls and on the last day I am allowed to buy something. Every time I go to the festival I meet someone I know. Every year I go I meet Dylan and sometimes I meet Tomás. I really enjoy Puck fair and I look forward to it every year.

Rally of the Lakes

The Rally of the Lakes is an on road rallying event held in Killarney.  It takes place each year on May bank holiday weekend. The rally has been running since 1979 and in 2008 it formed the third round of the 2008 Global Group Irish Tarmac Rally Championship. Since 2011 it has been sponsored by the vehicle check company, Cartell. This is the fortieth year of the rally. The 2019 Rally Ambassador is Michael Fassbender. This year’s rally took place from the 3rd of May to the 5th of May. Craig Breen and Paul Nagle were this year’s winners. The event is hosted by Killarney and District Motor Club.

Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee is hosted every year in the town of Tralee. The Rose of Tralee is a contest where different women represent a city, county or country. Daithaí O’Shea hosts the contest every year. The Rose contest can only have 65 contestants or less. You can watch the contest on the TV on both nights but it goes on until 11 o’clock at night.  There are not just Roses in the contest, there are also Rose Buds, who are all little girls. They are paired up with a Rose and go around with them and they also go to one of the TV nights to see their Rose. My cousin was a Rose Bud and she got paired up with the Texas Rose in 2012. Luckily that year her Rose won the Rose of Tralee. Also Birds Funfair comes every year to the festival and there are Waltzer’s, Bumper Cars, Crazy Frogs and a huge Ferris Wheel that always has a big line. Back to the Rose Buds the age limit is 12 years old. Then of course there is a parade and all of the Roses share a float. Also each Rose gets an escort and the escort helps their Rose with everything. They also get notepads for the children so the Roses can give their autograph. The parade goes through the town of Tralee. On the last night Daithaí O’Shea reveals the winner of the Rose of Tralee and present her with a crown and other prizes.

Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee is a festival that’s situated in Tralee county Kerry. The competition is to decide the best Rose. What happens is there are 65 Roses or lower and most towns decide their Rose. All the Roses tell a bit about themselves and there are three judges who decides who wins. The competition is broadcasted live all over Ireland. After the competition ends people eat, drink and watch the fireworks and for the next two weeks there is a bazaar on in the town.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is to celebrate when Saint Patrick came to Ireland and got rid of all the snakes.  Ireland puts on a parade all over the country to celebrate it.  It falls on the 17th of March every year. You can go to the parade or watch it on the TV and everybody wears the colour green to celebrate. Saint Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and was kept as a slave for a few days. On Saint Patrick’s Day people preform in different acts in the parade.

My Saint Patrick’s Day – 17th March 2019

St. Patricks Day is special as it is the day to celebrate our Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. I was at the Milltown parade with my friends, Conor, Dylan and Shane and also some people from football. At first it was annoying because the little children had small trumpets and were blowing them right in our ears. We got our face painted with the Ireland flag on it and got free flags that we were supposed to give back but I kept Cloadgh’s, Conor’s and Shane’s little sister’s flags. We started at The Mart and when we were passing a gate we all bent underneath it. I told Cloadagh to duck but she still hit it and we ended up being way behind. We had to sprint to catch up but Dylan was too busy talking to his friends so he didn’t even notice. There were some dancers behind us and I saw one of them fall flat on their face. Then when the parade ended we had to go looking for our parents. We looked in Spar, Top Shop, Alma’s and in The Mart. We saw them across the road and went over to them. Then we watched the puppet show and got some sweets and that was the end of my Saint Patrick’s Day.